I am a Principal Analyst in the Czech National Bank, Economic Research Division, Monetary Department.

My research interests lie in macroeconomic modelling with financial frictions and bounded rationality. In my dissertation I studied how relaxing the assumption of rational expectation modifies the output of macroeconomic models. In particularly I showed how imperfect information among the financial agents modifies their risk-taking decisions, the effect of monetary policy on banks’ lending or equilibrium selection.

My curriculum vitae can be downloaded here

Exchange rate depreciation in a New Keynesian model with heterogeneous producers (with J. Mateju and I. Sutoris)

Learning and cross-country correlations in a multi-country DSGE Model
Volha Audzei, Jan Brůha "A Model of Euro Area – China – United States: Trade Links and Trade Wars",

Czech National Bank Working Papers 2020/06

Volha Audzei, Sergey Slobodyan "Sparse Restricted Perception Equilibrium",

Czech National Bank Working Papers 2018/08
Version 2021

Volha Audzei "Confidence Cycles and Liquidity Hoarding",

Czech National Bank Working Papers 2016/07
Version 2021

Dec 2018
Volha Audzei and Frantisek Brazdik "Exchange Rate Dynamics and its Effect on Macroeconomic Volatility in Selected CEE Countries",

Economic Systems, vol. 42(4), pages 584-596.

Oct 2015
Volha Audzei and Frantisek Brazdik "Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Dynamics: The Exchange Rate as a Shock Absorber",

Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (Finance a uver), Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, vol. 65(5), pages 391-410.


Within the project "Macro Model Data Base" - together with Sergey Slobodyan (project under supervision of Volker Wieland, Goethe University Frankfurt) I was contributing to database expansion, in particular rewriting DSGE models under adaptive learning in Dynare toolbox, Matlab; programing routines for database expansion in Matlab.


Within IDEA team (Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis) project constructed GVAR model using GVAR toolbox for Matlab - together with Martin Kuncl (work was not published).



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