I am a Principal Analyst in the Czech National Bank, Economic Research Division, Monetary Department.

My research interests lie in macroeconomic modelling with financial frictions and bounded rationality. In my dissertation I studied how relaxing the assumption of rational expectation modifies the output of macroeconomic models. In particularly I showed how imperfect information among the financial agents modifies their risk-taking decisions, the effect of monetary policy on banks’ lending or equilibrium selection.

My curriculum vitae can be downloaded here

Exchange rate depreciation in a New Keynesian model with heterogeneous producers (with J. Matějů and I. Sutóris)
Mar 2023
Volha Audzei "Learning and Cross-Country Correlations in a Multi-Country DSGE Model",

Economic Modelling, vol. 120

Sep 2022
Volha Audzei "Confidence Cycles and Liquidity Hoarding",

International Journal of Central Banking, vol. 18(3)

Jun 2022
Volha Audzei and Sergey Slobodyan "Sparse Restricted Perceptions Equilibrium",

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, vol. 139

Jun 2022
Volha Audzei and Jan Brůha "A model of the Euro area, China, and the United States: Trade links and trade wars",

Economic Modelling, vol. 11.

Dec 2018
Volha Audzei and Frantisek Brazdik "Exchange Rate Dynamics and its Effect on Macroeconomic Volatility in Selected CEE Countries",

Economic Systems, vol. 42(4), pages 584-596.

Oct 2015
Volha Audzei and Frantisek Brazdik "Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Dynamics: The Exchange Rate as a Shock Absorber",

Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (Finance a uver), Charles University Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, vol. 65(5), pages 391-410.


Within the project "Macro Model Data Base" - together with Sergey Slobodyan (project under supervision of Volker Wieland, Goethe University Frankfurt) I was contributing to database expansion, in particular rewriting DSGE models under adaptive learning in Dynare toolbox, Matlab; programing routines for database expansion in Matlab.


Within IDEA team (Institute for Democracy and Economic Analysis) project constructed GVAR model using GVAR toolbox for Matlab - together with Martin Kuncl (work was not published).



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